Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does the Parking Issues service cost?

Answer: Our service is free (you only pay for parking signage)

Q2. Is there a contract arrangement between us?

Answer: Yes, we need to ensure that you have the legal right to claim damages against motorists who park without authority on your private land or managed site.  We do this via a contract arrangement with you.

Q3. Will I need to confront the motorist who has parked on my land?

Answer: No, you simply note the basic details of the offence, take a digital photograph of the unauthorised parked vehicle, then upload the details to our site. The motorist need not be present when you note these details.

Q4. I've seen similar systems to yours which pay for PCNs successfully applied. Do you pay this type of fee?

Answer: This depends on the size and throughput of your site.

Our system is usually very effective meaning that 'regular' offenders are soon deterred from parking at your facility. If this is the case, we will be unable to offer a return.

Q5. How long does it take to set-up an account so that I can start to address my unauthorised parking problem?

Answer:The initial sign-up stage is carried out online and is therefore virtually instant, however, as mentioned above, you need to complete a contract preparation form, sign it and then return it to us by post before enforcement can begin.

When we have authorised your account, you  we receive your copy of the contract agreement.  Your online account control panel will then contain the options needed to enter vehicle details and upload photographic evidence. Independent to this you need to buy your parking signs from our online shop and place them appropriately on your site

Q6. What other services do you offer?

Answer: We can (subject to location) provide 'stop-checks' of your site in order to raise tickets on your behalf.  Should you wish to take-up this option, please tick the appropriate box on the contract preparation form.

We also offer full ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) parking control management (via out sister site ANPR Parking Control). This is an ideal solution for clients who have continual traffic streams, such as pubs, clubs, shops, etc, who wish to apply a 'patrons only' parking policy.


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