Stages 1 to 4

Before you can start creating Parking Charge Notices (parking tickets) you need to:

Stage 1: Join

This is a simple one-off process which provides you with an account enabling you to manage your private parking problems using our online system.

To register, click this link, or go to the 'Open an Account' menu option.

Stage 2: Receive you joining pack

When you have completed your contract agreement, please sign it and return it to us. We will then send you your joining pack.  Please purchase your signage from our online shop

The pack will also contain useful information regarding the correct methods you should employ to ensure that we can raise valid PCN tickets to resolve your parking problems.

Stages 3 & 4: Raising Parking Charge Notices

We raise the PCN tickets based on the simple information you provide to us using your online account. This information includes details of the vehicle's registration number, date and time of offence, general comments, and two digital photographs which you upload via our website

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